The Horse and Rider Partnership - Our Success Stories



Charlotte and Max

Our daughter Charlotte has been riding at White Harvest Farms since she was five years old. When she was eight she was given the opportunity to ride Max for a lesson.  There was something that “clicked” between our daughter and Max. I asked more about him and found out he was only four years old. This must be a very special four year old to be ridden by an eight year old.  I trust Karen would never pair our daughter with a horse she didn’t feel was a good fit.

It only took two more rides to make me realize Max was indeed a special four year old.  He was raised at White Harvest Farms.  He had the best trainers all his life and was surrounded by talented and caring riders.  This is what makes him the horse he is today.

We purchased Max for our daughter about a month after her first ride and have never doubted the decision.  Karen knows how to match riders and horses.  

Max has been a part of our family for about nine months.  Those nine months have been an opportunity for us to see Max and our daughter grow together.  They are both challenged with learning new skills and becoming an all-around rider and horse.  They make a wonderful team.

Karen has an amazing ability for creating these talented horses, so perhaps it should not have surprised me that we stumbled on the perfect horse for our daughter at White Harvest Farms.  I know we are fortunate to find a special horse which fit our needs better than we could have imagined without having to search high and low.   

If I had relied on description in an advertisement alone, then I am certain we would never have found Max since his age would have deterred me.  Sometimes, you need to see these horses first hand or communicate your interests with the trainer to really figure out how to find the right horse for the rider.

- Anna Roedler Bertanzetti

Addy and Louie

Addy and Louie became partners for Addy’s 10th birthday. For Addy it had always been love at first sight; I mean, who could resist that big blaze and fancy socks? A few times Addy had the pleasure of showing Louie in showmanship at local paint shows and her longing grew stronger-and so did the begging to her dad and me.

After multiple leases and lessons, the timing was right and the stars aligned just perfectly. We couldn’t have asked for a better match and look forward to years to come. The time we have spent riding under Karen and her team at White Harvest Farms has been nothing short of prepping for things to come. Patience, knowledge, and forward-thinking has bred grit and perseverance that will last our daughter a life time.

Britt Travis

Addy and Louie 2.JPG
Addy and Louie 1.jpg


Gianna and Daisy

I have been riding at White Harvest for three years. I’ve gone from jumping cross rails to now 3’. We started looking for a new horse last year, but thought I wanted a warmblood. In December, WHF hosted a retreat where we learned about different breeds and how they interact with their owners. I learned that the warmbloods are business partners and the paints are emotional support animals. I love my horse like any girl does and realized that I needed the paint horse relationship. Karen helped us find Daisy (Too Cool to Catch) in Texas. We flew down to check her out and instantly fell in love. Karen and Beth are training her 4 days a week to help make her into the amazing horse we know she can be.

-Gianna Brown

Zoey and Dolce

After many lease horses I was finally ready to start looking for a horse of my own. I had tried begging my parents for a horse on so many occasions before, but this time they finally gave in. We talked to the trainers and after a few weeks we were told that Dolce was for sale. I tried her out and was instantly in love (I even tried to get her to stay that day). It’s an odd little story, Dolce was actually born at WHF then was bought and left for 4 years and then we began a full lease and after a few months my parents surprised me with my horse of a lifetime and she was back where she came from. Dolce has gotten me through so much whether it be riding related or not and I couldn’t ask for a better partner, and I cannot wait to see where we end up.

-Zoey Temple

Dulce 2.jpg

Avery and Mindee

My daughter, Avery, started riding at White Harvest Farms when she was 6 years old.  As she progressed over the years it was evident that this wasn’t a hobby and her commitment to riding was strong.  When she was 8 years old and after leasing two horses, we made the leap to buy a horse. 

We weren’t looking for just any horse but an all-around Paint Horse that jumped.  Under the guidance of Karen, we traveled to California with her to visit a mare that she trained.  Karen was aware of Avery’s ability and what the horse was capable of doing and her temperament.  After two days in California and riding “Mindee” aka Elegant Reflection, Karen negotiated the sale and she became part of our family.  Karen also coordinated the transportation to her new home from California to Colorado.

We have had Mindee now for just over two years.  Mindee is in full training at White Harvest Farms and Avery does multiple lessons (Western, Flat and Jumping) a week with her.  This was truly a match made in heaven; they are a duo that are in synch and the love is evident between the two of them.

-Heather Fogelsong