The WHF Academy 

White Harvest Farms has something for every rider and is the perfect barn for you if you are looking to get started in your riding career, with the long-term goal of owning or leasing a horse. We have a great entry-level program for beginner riders, designed to provide a strong foundation for handling horses on the ground and riding safely and competently at walk, trot, and canter. 

Our programs typically take place over a period of 7 weeks, with the expectation that riders see measurable progress at the end of each session. We have a limited selection of school horses, who have taught many of our clients and who we think of as are school masters. We are also able to provide access to riding equipment for the horse, but would encourage riders to bring their own. All riders are expected to provide and wear the correct riding gear, including a safe riding helmet and appropriate footwear. 

WHF Academy Programs

  • English beginner walk-trot

  • English beginner walk-trot-canter

  • English beginner walk-trot-canter and pole work

  • English beginner cross-rails

  • Western pleasure beginner walk-trot

  • Western pleasure beginner walk-trot-lope

  • Western pleasure beginner walk-trot-canter and pole work

Before joining a WHF Academy program you must complete a rider assessment, so we can match you to the correct program and with the right horse! A rider assessment is 90 minutes in length and costs $120. Book your assessment by contacting Kate Fleming, WHF Academy program lead. 

It's important to note that we do not offer trail rides or rent horses by the hour. If you are looking for a pleasure riding facility, please give us a call as we are happy to make local recommendations. 

Summer Camp

Each year, we host several summer camps. We feel this gives those interested in jump starting their horse skills an opportunity to do so, while having a ton of fun! We also offer current students a chance to set themselves up for success over the summer show season with a Short Stirrup Camp. Please see below for our 2019 camp dates.

  • June 6th-9th

  • July 15th-18th

  • August 5th-8th

Horse and rider training


If you ask Karen what her favorite part of her job is, you won't hear her say winning (although, she'll tell you that winning is definitely a whole load of fun!). Rather, she'll tell you it's connecting horses with their riders and watching them learn together. She'll tell you that there is no better feeling in the world than watching the faces of riders when they get it, and realize that their horses are striving to be the very best for their rider. 

White Harvest Farms offers a broad range of lessons from intermediate through advanced, catering to both English (equitation, hunter, and jumper) and Western (pleasure, ranch, roping) riders. We have group, semi-private, and private lessons available, both weekdays and weekends. For further information about our schedule, please contact Karen, Beth, or Kate. 

Lesson rates

  • 1 hour private lesson -- $80 (own or lease boarded horse) | $90 (school or hauled horse)

  • 1 hour semi-private lesson (no more than 2 riders) -- $55 (own or lease boarded horse) | $65 (school or hauled horse)

  • 1 hour group lesson (between 3-5 riders) -- $50 (own or lease boarded horse) | $60 (school or hauled horse)

  • 30 minute Tiny Tot lesson - Ages 3-10 with no prior riding experience. $40

Horse Training

We believe that it takes time to train horses to be their best so, we'll be blunt. If you are looking for a quick 90-day fix on a problem horse, we are probably not the barn for you. However, if you are looking to realize the full potential of your horse and are committed to doing it in the right way, then White Harvest Farms is exactly where you want your horse to be. 

Training programs for our horses are a minimum of 6 months; most are ongoing, as we believe that consistent and regular training is necessary to produce exceptional horses. We tailor our training programs to ensure that we build a strong and safe foundation - focusing on the physical condition and performance of the horse, as well as its mental health and well-being. Karen is a firm believer that a horse's mental well-being is what makes the difference between a horse being good at what it does and a horse being incredible. 

Don't believe us? Feel free to contact us to learn and see the results of our training, or read the references from current and past clients in our Custom Made Horses section. 

Training rates

Must be an inside boarder for year-round training. Outside boarder training only available April 1 - September 30.

  • $40 per session

  • Previous WHF Trained Horse Tune Up ~ 2 weeks - $600 to 4 weeks - $1100