White Harvest Farms offers the following Stallions at Stud.

Built on the strong bloodlines of Sacred Indian, White Harvest Farms has continued to seek premium bloodlines for all aspects of the equestrian disciplines.


Crespo VDL (Canturo - Cadillo - Quidam de Revel)

Crespo is a recently imported Holsteiner stallion with the scope of a champion. Crespo VDL was approved in 2010.  At the public presentation of the stallions, the selection committee said that Crespo VDL proved himself very rideable and gave his riders a good feeling. He moved with abundant suppleness, closed his stride easily, and showed lots of scope.

Fee: $1,500 (includes booking).

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GF Genuine Gold Bars
“Goldie” is a fairytale horse. Beautiful, kind, quiet and rideable by anyone and yet an amazing athlete. His promising career as a working cowhorse was cut short while cutting buffalo preparing for Reno Futurities. Jake Telford his trainer felt he had great promise for the event. He went on to rein successfully – placing well in the Limited Open Classes with Devin Warren scoring 73 and 74 in one of his major events before coming home to continue as a cattle horse. “Goldie” is showing in the AQHA Roping events. Watch for this exceptional horse.
Fee $750.00
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Dashing in Blue
“Dash” is a tremendous individual with fantastic movement and great talent. He could truly excel in any event chosen. This makes him a perfect pick for the breeder who wants an “all-around” foal. “Dash” blends two amazing bloodlines for World Champions.Pedigree: Skys Blue Boy X Successful Indian Daughter
Fee $1000 (frozen semen only)


Kilvey Taran

13.1 Hand Chestnut Welsh Stallion. What a beautiful sire Taran is! His foals have his elegant face and a beautiful horse type body. His daughter “Elation” has won from WEF to the Pony Finals and everything in between A perfect choice for producing fancy show ponies.
Introductory Fee $500
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